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Gourmet Food Trucks are the latest fad to hit the Bar and Bat Mitzvah scene. Your guests will realize that you’ve thought of everything when they see one of these trucks arrive outside your venue.

Food Trucks

Food Trucks

These gourmet restaurants on wheels are appearing all over the country and are serving up some mighty fine delectable treats. Is there a considerable amount of time between your ceremony and the reception? Arrange for one of these trucks to be outside your synagogue and send your guests off with gourmet coffee and bakery items such as croissants, scones, muffins, and other scrumptious pastries.

Even though you’ve had a grand dinner at your reception, your guests will surely work up an appetite from all of the dancing they’ll do at your Mitzvah celebration. Don’t let them go home hungry! Have a food truck send your guests on their way with a take-home bag filled with your choice of a parting food item.

You may wonder what other types of food you can serve from a gourmet food truck. We’ve seen everything from Mexican specialties to jumbo salted pretzels to caramel apples. How about build-your-own pitas, French fries, or fried ice cream? Consult with the owner or operator of a food truck for even more ideas.

You can even have larger-than-life posters with your picture placed on the side of the truck. For added fun, have the menu board reflect names of your goodies that represent you. For instance, if your name is Nathan, you could offer Nathan’s Nachos…you get the idea. Most food trucks have speakers that can play your favorite tunes, too.

Your Mitzvah celebration is one that you’ll cherish for your entire lifetime. While you don’t have to mention what you have up your sleeve on your invitations, you can be sure that your guests will love being catered to in such a thoughtful way!

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