Party like it’s 1990 with Checkerboard Invitations

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back to the good old days when phones were attached to the wall, a tweet was merely the chirp of a bird, and a dollar could buy you at least five stamps? A new collection of Checkerboard invitations is easy as that.

Checkerboard, an invitation printing company known for its beautifully crafted papers and stunning designs, is allowing you to do just that — at least your wallet, anyways. In honor of their 25th anniversary, they have released ten new stunningly beautiful Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations and rolled back their prices to their 1990 roots. You read that right — ten brand spanking new designs for a ridiculously affordable price. Now that’s beautiful.

Discount Bat Mitzvah Invitations
An elegant design and bold color choices combine beautifully in the Lei Foils Bat Mitzvah invitation. Floral notes with shimmering golden accents communicate femininity along with a touch of grace.

Ribbons of diversity combine with striking designs in the Sparkling Stripes invitation to create a display of geometric excellence. Contrasting highlights of color will ensure your Bat Mitzvah truly shines.

If your Bat Mitzvah emits more of a subdued elegance, the Sunset Wash is just what you need. Muted tones and soft brushstrokes create a subtle glow that showcases all who grace its surface.

The Gilda invitation uses solids, shimmer, and sleek fonts to create a simply gorgeous invite that takes a modern approach to a traditional style.

The Bright Stripes invitation creates vibrant depth with strong bands of color across the spectrum — aligning perfectly with bold and full-of-life personalities.

Discount Bar Mitzvah Invitations
Checkerboard didn’t forget about the Bar Mitzvahs!

The Bold Stars invitation makes any Bar Mitzvah feel like the star of the show. Solid colors and simple star designs make this invite truly wonderful.

The Tekhelet Waves invitation channels the inner solace. A range of blues with coarse borders creates a canvas of natural beauty.

The Patterned Maze uses geometrical patterns to create an eye-catching invitation that showcases your Bar Mitzvah in style.

Next up to bat is the On Deck invitation. Ball players will love the classy theme that tastefully shows off your Bar Mitzvah’s talents.

On Deck Bar Mitzvah Invitation

On Deck Bar Mitzvah Invitation

And, last but not least, the Prismatic invitation offers a sleek and earthy feel that caters to Bar Mitzvahs of all shapes and sizes. A muted yet powerful color palette is universally adored.

These Checkerboard invitations are so great — we are sure you will love them!

More Designs
Don’t see the perfect invitation? Invitations4Less has an extensive collection of affordable Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations that fit any style. If you’d like some assistance, please let us know. We’d love to help you find the perfect invitation.

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