Havdalah: An Honest Opinion

Posted on by Jeanne

When it came time for Aviva to plan her Bat Mitzvah, there was one thing she was sure of. She was going to have an evening service. Havdalah; the Saturday evening service that marks the end of Shabbat is becoming more popular for many reasons. Though not a typically familiar service for many, learning a few new rites is never a bad thing as children continue to embrace their faith.

Havadalah accommodates Orthodox Relatives: Orthodox friends and relatives who live too far to walk during Shabbat find it easier to attend. Because this service begins after sun down, driving once again becomes an option.

Less Material to Learn: While never looking for the easy way out, there is less material to learn. This may play a huge role for a child who is in multiple school and extra-curricular activities, as well as for those who have special needs or express anxiety in a longer service. This is a celebration! Helping your child be their best is always a positive.

Economics: Let’s be honest, B’nai Mitvah is not an inexpensive undertaking. By having a Havdalah service there is no mid-day Kiddush for the family to sponsor. This frees up funds to spend on other portions of the celebration, such as your discounted Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah invitations from Invitations4Less.com.

Attendance: One of the reasons Aviva chose Havdalah is because she wanted more of her friends to be there. “I know people who had morning Bat Mitzvahs and had no friends attending. I worked hard to learn my Hebrew. The rite of passage is what I was celebrating, not just the party.”

Talk with your child and your rabbi to decide if a Havdalah service is a good choice for everyone. The experience could be enlightening for everyone.

And then the fabulous party!!

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