Customer Spotlight: The Schneider Family Mitzvah Celebration

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The Schneider Family from Alexandria, Virginia was in need of some swag items for their son Zachary’s Bar Mitzvah Celebration.  We were able to provide the exact quantities needed at a great price!

Customer Spotlight: The Schneider Family Mitzvah Celebration

In today’s edition of “Customer Spotlight: The Schneider Family Mitzvah Celebration,” we interviewed mom Rebecca from Alexandria, Virginia.  Her son Zachary choose some fun swag items to share with guests on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah celebration.

How did you go about your search for the swag items for Zachary’s Bar Mitzvah?  Did you find us using an internet search or by word of mouth from a friend or relative?

I was originally planning to shop for vendors and to find all of the Bar Mitzvah items that I needed by attending The Simcha Showcase at the Northern Virginia JCC. This seemed like a great idea for an in-person one stop shopping experience! When Covid-19 hit, the Simcha Showcase was no longer happening. I thought to myself that now I am in trouble with planning my son’s Bar Mitzvah. I am usually not an online shopper and I am a perfectionist so I wasn’t sure how I would get exactly what I wanted.

Facebook to the Rescue!

Then I turned to Bar Mitzvah Facebook groups for advice. I found a group by Mitzvah Market called D.C. –Maryland-VA Bar/Bat Mitzvah planning which had an advertisement from Jeanne from The ad said that Invitations4Less was launching a new website for if you need more than invitations (i.e. apparel, drink ware, hand sanitizers, personal items etc). This caught my attention and I thought I would give the company a try.

What did you find most appealing about the items that were selected for the Bar Mitzvah?

My son, Zachary, selected water bottles and stadium cups to go with his sports theme. He was very excited that he was able to incorporate his own artwork into his swag items by creating and putting his own logo on them. It was special that Zachary was able to design  and personalize his swag! We also liked that there was a great selection of merchandise with affordable prices! Our guests were very impressed by our giveaways!

Zachary Designed his one-of-a-kind Logo for his swag items!

Zachary's Swag Items Close Up

Zachary’s Swag Items Close Up


Zachary with his Mitzvah Swag Items

Zachary with his Mitzvah Swag Items

In what ways did stand out when assisting you with your order?

Jeanne at Invitations4Less was excellent! She was always available by phone and by email and was very flexible when I changed my order several times since I wasn’t sure how many water bottles and cups to order. Jeanne also let us continue to change the proofs to see our cups and logos in various colors until we were happy with our final choice.

What would you say to other parents that are hesitant to order their invitations or swag items online from

If I need to order any swag items in the future, Invitations4Less would be my go-to vendor. I would not think twice!  I was very satisfied with the quality of the products and the awesome customer service!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

There is the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. When Covid-19 stripped  away some of the elements to Zachary’s Bar Mitzvah celebration, we thought that having Zachary, personalize his swag with his own artwork, would be a way that Zachary could add his own special touch to the day.

We hope you enjoyed reading Customer Spotlight: The Schneider Family Mitzvah Celebration.  If you are need of invitations or swag items, be sure to visit us at!