Customer Spotlight: The Margolis Goldstein Family’s Bat Mitzvah

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When it came time to think about invitations for her daughter Ava’s Bat Mitzvah, Hadassah Margolis began her search to find a vendor that could do a custom one-of-a-kind invitation that a family friend designed.  Her search led her to

Customer Spotlight: The Margolis Goldstein Family’s Bat Mitzvah

In today’s Customer Spotlight: The Margolis Goldstein Family’s Bat Mitzvah, we interviewed Hadassah Margolis of Brookline, Massachusetts.  Her daughter Ava had a special invitation in mind – one that was designed just for her!

How did you go about your search for the invitations for Ada’s Bat Mitzvah?  Did you find us using an internet search or by word of mouth from a friend or relative?

I went on a local b’nei mitzvah Facebook page and started searching past posts for recommended invitation printers.‘s name kept coming up!

What did you find most appealing about the items that were selected for the Bat Mitzvah?

We knew we wanted to design our own invitation in a way that we could add our child’s own artwork. When we reached out and Jeanne enthusiastically said, “no problem!” and then gave us all the specific instructions on how to go about the process, we were sold.

Ada Customer Spotlight

Ada Customer Spotlight

In what ways did stand out when assisting you with your order?

I don’t think I have worked with someone who is so fast at responding to email! Jeanne was always available, and she was patient and calm when snafus arose or when we had lots of questions. We felt we had all the information we needed every step of the way.

What would you say to other parents that are hesitant to order their invitations or swag items online from

Reach out to Jeanne with all your questions and concerns— she will be able to answer you truthfully and thoughtfully.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for helping us make a one-of-kind invitation for our child’s bat mitzvah. It’s truly making the event that much more special.