Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitation Creation Guide

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Becoming a bar or bat mitzvah is a very special milestone in a child’s life. Just as important is celebrating this occasion with family and friends. Creating the perfect invitation for your child’s big day should be simple, right? Sometimes, it can be anything but. Should you go the formal route with traditional roots or spice things up with a bit of modern flair? Should you keep this short and sweet or provide more elaborate details?  We are happy to share this Mitzvah Invitation Creation guide with you.

Let’s cover the nitty gritty first. Be sure to include these “basics” on your invitation:
The celebrant’s first and last name

  • The type of event (whether it’s a Bar, Bat, B’nai, or B’not Mitzvah
  • The date, time, and location of the celebration & reception along with a map or directions
  • Any restrictions or gift preferences
  • RSVP date and instructions (or include response cards
  • Dress code or theme information

Now that we’ve covered what information you need to include, let’s take a look at how to arrange and word these details. To help you, we’ve created a small collection of various ways to word your Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitations.

“Classic Style”
Only yesterday
we celebrated her birth,
today we celebrate in prayer
as our daughter
is called to the Torah
as a Bat Mitzvah
(location, date, time)

“Rooted in Tradition”

We (names)
invite you to share
our happiness at the
Bar Mitzvah of our son,
(location, date, time)

“The Cornerstone”

As his grandfather
and father before him, our son
will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah
(location, date, time)

Our celebration will continue following services

“Blissful Occasion”

Reception information included on the main invitation should be kept succinct. If a more detailed description is necessary, it’s best practice to create a separate reception card.

Please join us in celebration
as our beloved daughter
becomes a Bat Mitzvah

“Timeless Joy”

It is with great joy and gratitude that
we invite you to share in our
Simcha as our son
becomes a Bar Mitzvah
(date, time, location)

This is only a small sample of the ways to word your invitation. We hope you have found our Mitzvah Invitation Guide to be helpful. Please browse our huge selection of budget-friendly Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations. We have invitations to fit any style: masculine, Jewish symbols, contemporary, glitzy, au natural” the list goes on and on!

And please let us know if you need any assistance! We’d love to help you find the perfect card for your occasion.

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