Alice in Wonderland Bat Mitzvah

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There’s nothing more magical than a huge party in your honor after a major accomplishment, and navigating the passage from childhood to full adult responsibility may feel a bit like stepping through the looking glass. Thus we think an Alice in Wonderland Bat Mitzvah theme would be a perfect marriage of transition and whimsy for your special day!

Whether you prefer the traditional Lewis Carroll writings, the classic animated Disney feature film or Tim Burton’s fantastic steampunk-styled live-action retelling, there’s plenty of symbolism and inspiration from which to plan an entire celebration!

Mirrors, rabbits, pocket watches, teapots and teacups, top hats, wildly-oversized flowers and hearts all find their place from invitations to décor.

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Vintage Directional Signs from Etsy seller JacquelynVaccaro lead the way to all the special areas of your venue. Or not.

Your theme need not be carried out too literally, especially when it comes to your party clothes! This silver and sky blue gown from Etsy seller livapo sparkles on the dance floor!

An oversized pocket watch topiary reminds me that anytime the weather is right to be outdoors is the perfect time for a Wonderland Bat Mitzvah! And what fun to have a life-size chess set set up in the garden! The second of Lewis Carroll’s books, Through the Looking Glass, relies upon heavy symbolism of the game of chess. Of course, any chance you get to incorporate oversized and miniature objects into your party set-up, use ‘em! It’ll add to the whimsy and off-balance feeling.

The Mad Hatter’s tea party is legendary and no Wonderland celebration would be complete without some reference to it. The top hat with size tag shown was used as a Save The Date (simple enough and rather clever) but could also be used as table numbers for your party. Ask about Custom-designed Save The Date Cards and Invitations!

Drink Me tags and Eat Me Cookies are perfect ways to tie beautiful refreshments into your party theme!

I couldn’t resist including the stamped aluminum cuff bracelet from Etsy seller LemonLimeCreations. At $8 each, and with such a catchy-phrase, I think they’d make a coveted favor item for the younger guests.

Who wouldn’t love to be Queen for an evening? Gotta love this elegant black & red creation!

Remember the Queen’s minions feverishly painting the roses red? A mix or red and white paper roses arranged around playing card table numbers would be simply divine!

I could go on and on with this theme as there’s so much inspiration to be mined! Follow our Wonderland Pinterest board for more great ideas for your Alice in Wonderland Bat Mitzvah!


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