Top Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Themes

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Bar & Bat Mitzvahs can range from simple ceremonies followed by a kiddush luncheon at the synagogue to all-out Hollywood-style celebrations. After all the hard work the Bar or Bat Mitzvah has put into this rite of passage, and in many cases a mitzvah project, it’s understandable to want to celebrate their accomplishment with family and friends.  Today we share the top Mitzvah party themes.

Planning a party is almost always easier from start to finish if you have a “theme” which creates a framework within which to work and keeps your planning from running off the rails. Ultimately, the final theme decision should be up to the Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but often they are so busy working on their studies and projects that they don’t have time to brainstorm ideas and it’s up to mom or dad to offer up themes their child might find appealing. If you’re lost on this account, here’s a list of top Bar & Bat Mitzvah themes to get you started:

Perhaps the easiest theme to incorporate into your celebration is one which stems from a hobby or activity your child is involved in. For this very reason, sports are a long-running popular theme for celebrations. This theme is easy to incorporate into the decor, food, invitations and favors!

Soccer Party

Soccer Party

credits: Cupcakes – Martha Stewart; Soccer Invitation:; Candy Vendor Image: Celebrations At Home; favor balls:

While a sports theme may appeal to both genders, some Bat Mitzvahs may prefer a more “girlie” theme and they’re in luck with the recent popularity of the Candyland (or just generally Candy) Bat Mitzvah theme. This has become very popular of late and is a very easy and fun theme to carry through your party. The image below should give you some inspiration.

Candyland Party

Candyland Party

credits: Invitation:; PlaceCards – Your Party By Karen; “Cake” and Candy container place cards:; Room Decor:; Candy Topiary:

If that’s just a little too sweet, perhaps your girl would prefer a walk on the wild side with a Hippie Chic Bat Mitzvah replete with tie dye and peace symbols in bright colors.

Peace Party

Peace Party

credits: – Hippie Chic Bat Mitzvah Invitation:; Peace-ful Lounge Seating: Mitzvah Market; Peace Symbol Balloon Sculpture: Jessica Claire Photography; Candy Bar Wrapper: Bunny Prints; Sweets to Dye For sign: Celebrations; Tie-Dye Gown: Morilee; Tie-Dye Yarmulke: Mazel Tops

Boys and girls alike may really enjoy a technology-themed party. We’re calling it “Geek Chic” and we found some really fun ideas, such as the great smart-phone place cards complete with the guests’ own avatars!

Texting Party

Texting Party

credits: iPhone Place Cards- OffBeatBride; TXT Message Save The Date Cards:; Facebook Archway –; iPodCake- CakesDuSoleil; “Connect” Yarmulkes:

If your son or daughter has a flair for the dramatic, a Hollywood-themed celebration may be perfect for them! This is a very easy theme to work through since large ticket items are readily available on the rental market for Oscar Nights and proms. Don’t forget the props for your photo booth!

Red Carpet Party

Red Carpet Party

credits: Red Carpet Invitation:; Film Reel Cake: Cake Central; “Now Showing” Banner: Stumps Party; Statuette, Walk of Fame Star: Hollywood Mega Store; All Other Photobooth Props, Clapboard Place Cards: Shindigz

On the other hand, many a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is held preceding a pilgrimage to the holy land, or the family simply prefers to keep the focus on the religious nature of the occasion, and an Israel theme is so appropriate. The theme may be carried out as simply as incorporating the colors of the flag or as elaborately as a designer cake and invitations sourced from Israel.

Jerusalem Party

Jerusalem Party

credits: Venue: Evoke via MitzvahMarket; Custom-created Tallit: Tallits By Sharon; City of Joy Bar Mitzvah Invitation, created in Israel, available from; Jerusalem-design Cake

However you choose to celebrate, make your event more meaningful by including touches of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s personality and include a nod to family tradition and it will be fabulous.
Mazel tov!

A Hippie Chic Bat Mitzvah | Peace Symbol Bat Mitzvah Invitation

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They’re here. There there. They’re everywhere! Peace symbols!  We’ve jumped on the bandwagon and have our very own peace symbol Bat Mitzvah invitation.

You can’t walk through your local mall, or your local city park for that matter, without seeing peace symbols these days and it seems just about every ‘tween girl has a shirt, bag or shoes in rotation with this very fun and fashionable statement. Given the symbolism, it’s no surprise that the peace symbol has also become a popular Bat Mitzvah theme!

Here’s a little inspiration for your very own “hippie chic” / peace symbol / tie-dye Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Clockwise from upper left:

– Hippie Chic Bat Mitzvah Invitation:
– Peace-ful Lounge Seating: Image courtesy Mitzvah Market
– Peace Symbol Balloon Sculpture: Image courtesy Jessica Claire Photography
– Candy Bar Wrapper: Bunny Prints
– Sweets to Dye For sign:
– Tie-Dye Gown: Morilee
– Tie-Dye Yarmulke: Mazel Tops

We had the inspiration for this peace symbol Bat Mitzvah invitation, and our friends at Designer’s Connection took our imagination and created a fun and colorful ensemble, one that is perfect for the young lady who is about to celebrate her milestone occasion.  The entire Mitzvah celebration can be styled around the peace sign symbolism.

Do you have questions about this funky invitation, or any of our other stylish Bat Mitzvah invitations?  Feel free to contact us and one of our friendly invitation experts will be happy to assist you.  Alternatively, you may always reach us at 888.497.3581.

What a Difference a Break Makes! | Invitation Wording

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I’ve seen my share of invitation wording in the last 12 ½ years with and to be sure, I’ve learned a lot in that time! One of the services we offer to our customers is etiquette review. Just check a box and we’ll be happy to share our knowledge of etiquette and layout with you before your invitations are printed, ensuring the best possible presentation for you when sending out the first impression of your event to your guests.

I’ve found that, often, customers have the basic knowledge of how to word an invitation, but where we can help is in arranging the wording so that it flows smoothly and attractively. Consider the difference in the two sets of wording below.

For best effect, read aloud:

With the richness of
tradition and the
promise of tomorrow we
invite you to share this
special moment as
our son, Raymond Jacob
becomes a
Bar Mitzvah on
Saturday, the twenty-first of May at
ten-thirty in the morning at
Temple Beth El, Syracuse, New York

Rebekah and Jonas Kaplan

Now try this:

With the richness of tradition
and the promise of tomorrow
we invite you to share
this special moment
as our son
Raymond Jacob
becomes a Bar Mitzvah
on Saturday, the twenty-first of May
at ten-thirty in the morning
Temple Beth El
Syracuse, New York

Rebekah and Jonas Kaplan

Did you notice a difference in the cadence and flow? Each time you end a line and start a new one, you are creating a minor pause. It’s subtle, but just enough to either disrupt, or facilitate, an elegant flow to your wording.

Now, think about what you can do with your wording when you are arranging the lines artfully.

You may use an alternate typestyle for lines you want to emphasize. Perhaps, you’d like the name(s) to be in a script typestyle to offset it/them from the rest of the wording which is in a block typestyle. This is done to great effect (and at no extra cost!) on many elegant invitations, but only works if you choose your line breaks carefully.

You may also wish to add extra spacing between lines to really offset the words to follow.

And while we’re thinking about arranging your wording, consider the statement you can make simply by arranging your wording using justification options!

If you’re feeling short on creativity, we’re always happy to help you make the most of your invitation wording with font styles, sizes, spacing and justification. Contact Us today with your ideas and we’ll help you create your masterpiece!

4 Exciting New Options for your Mitzvah Celebration! | New Mitzvah Invitations

Posted on is pleased to welcome 4 new invitations to our ever-expanding line of New Mitzvah invitations. Crafted in the Foothills of Jerusalem, these invitations will express the excitement and joy for your son or daughter’s special day. Convey your Jewish pride by having the words “Made in Israel” printed on the backside of your invitation at no additional cost!

When folded, this 6″-inch square invitation displays a tree full of Hebrew letters with the name of the Bar Mitzvah below. Inside, a layer of warm white felt paper is adhered to the outer layer of wonderfully textured cactus felt paper. The English version of the invitation wording is printed on the left-hand side with its Hebrew version mirrored on the right. The Blessing Tree image is spread between both sides.

Printed on Galvanized Shimmer stock, this 7″-square invitation features a silver foil stamped Star of David which surrounds your wording. Your son’s Hebrew name can also be included with the English wording for a truly personalized statement. Your guests will be “wowed” when they receive this invitation in their mail!

This 7″-inch layered invitation features Lime shimmer paper atop an Esse Espresso back card. The Bar Mitzvah’s age and name are printed at the top of the invitation, with the event details right and left justified at the bottom. This invitation speaks of contemporary styling all the way!

Elegance abounds with this oblong invitation which measures 7.5″ x 5.5″. The back card is a “Punch” purple shimmer card on which a silver chrome card is layered. Top that off with a white layer which is preprinted with a jeweled Torah design and has silver foil accents, and you have an invitation that every Bat Mitzvah girl would be thrilled to call her own!

Stop by our blog daily as we introduce more new Mitzvah invitations for exciting selections that are appropriate for any celebration!

Peace Out With Our New and Exclusive Hippie Chic Invitation | Peace Sign Invitation

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing peace signs everywhere for quite awhile now. They’re on ‘tween clothing, travel coffee mugs and water bottles, notebooks and cell-phone covers. It seems the ‘tween market just can’t get enough of this design and it shows no signs of letting up.  So why were we having such trouble finding great options for peace sign invitations?  Having done a pretty extensive search, I can tell you the options are quite limited.

What’s a savvy stationer to do? When we see a niche that needs filling, we take matters into our own hands and create an exclusive!

Working with designer Shelley Epstein of Designer’s Connection in south Florida, we set about to transform the ever-popular, but masculine, Distinctly Personal Bar Mitzvah Invitation into a riot of color and 60s sensibility that’s equal parts modern, fun and feminine. The result is our exclusive Hippie Chic Bat Mitzvah Invitation. We’re anticipating great things for this new release, and you can only get it at!

Photo Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations

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Selecting the perfect invitation for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah can be a daunting task. It’s quite normal to stress over this decision. After all, you want an invitation that is as unique as your child. Convey your child’s individuality with one of these photo Bar Mitzvah invitations that feature a photo or a sketch of your son or daughter.

A. Artistry Bar or Bat Mitzvah Invitation
This invitation features a sketch of your son or daughter which is taken from your supplied 3″ x 5″ black and white photo. A white invitation card stock is placed over a shiny silver layer which is placed over a sparkle grey layer. This will truly be a one-of a kind invitation, and alternate paper colors are available.
B. Expressions of Faith Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Your son will be proud to send this invitation which will feature a sketch of him on an ivory translucent vellum paper stock. The sketch layer is placed over an ivory card stock that has a copper shimmer backer. This invitation is fitting for your special occasion and may be ordered in alternate paper colors.
C. Faithful Journey Bar or Bat Mitzvah Invitation
Printed on a pearl shimmer card stock, this multi-colored invitation would be perfect for your son or daughter’s special day. It displays a color photo of the Mitzvah along with muted symbols of the Jewish faith. Your wording and the photo will be digitally printed.
D. Contemporary Elegance Bat Mitzvah Invitation
While shown here as a wedding invitation, this would make a lovely invitation for your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. The black and white photo is printed on a white card stock and may be personalized with a short saying of your choice around three outer edges. The translucent overlay is printed with your invitation wording and everything is tied neatly together with a sheer white bow with satin edging.
E. Black Tie Bat Mitzvah Invitation
This layered invitation features a glossy back card that is printed with photo of the Mitzvah. The photo may be printed in color or black and white. A translucent vellum overlay displays your invitation wording and everything is held together with a ribbon which is available in several colors.

Your guests will be thrilled to open your son or daughter’s invitation with their photo prominently displayed. And, it will be a memento that you will cherish forever.

They’re here! | Peace Sign Bat Mitzvah Invitations

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We’ve been seeing a lot of peace signs in the stores. They’re on everything from ‘tween/teen apparel to travel mugs, wall décor and jewelry. How could we let this one pass us by without giving you a couple of sweet Peace Sign Bat Mitzvah invitations to choose from?

The Hippie Chic Bat Mitzvah invitation was created specifically for by one of our favorite vendors.   We had a vision of what we wanted this invitation to look like, and they made it happen!  Tie-dye paper, azalea shimmer frost card stock and a peace sign applique appear on the front along with your daughter’s English and Hebrew names.  Inside, there is sufficient room for your wording details and your reception information.

We’re all in love with our latest additions for the Bat Mitzvah invitation market.  A colorful peace sign comprised of swirls, doves, smaller peace symbols, flowers, hearts and Jewish stars appears on the left.  Below, we show the Bat Mitzvah’s name in English and Hebrew.  We’re calling it the Shalom Shimmer Bat Mitzvah invitation, and just like the Hippie Chic Bat Mitzvah invitation, you won’t find it anywhere else!

p.s. They are wonderfully affordable, too!  Claim your coupon code MITZVAH25 at checkout to save 25% off your online order.

Be sure to visit us for a great collection of Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations.  If you have questions about these or any other invitations, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly invitation experts will be happy to help.

Black is Back! | Black Bar Mitzvah Invitations

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed” and the same holds true for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitations. After all, your invitations set the tone for your event.  Black Bar Mitzvah invitations never go out of style.

Black has a long-standing reputation of being associated with power and elegance. It gives off an impression of formality and prestige. Even though others may try, black will always be “in”.

This 6-1/4″ square invitation is comprised of two layers.  The wording details on the top black shimmer layer will be admired by all who receive it.  The bottom layer can be done in one of many colors that are available.  We show it here with a lagoon shimmer backer.

This Black Bar Mitzvah invitation by Pioneer Announcements is striking, to say the least.  An onyx frost card will display your wording details.  The focal point occurs at the top with the name of the Bar Mitzvah printed in jumbo letters and in black ink for an impressive tone-on-tone appearance.  A silver stardream bottom layer adds the finishing touch to this ensemble.

The Finesse Bar Mitzvah invitation is a customer favorite.  While we show the invitation with the wording done in white matte foil stamping, other colors such as silver or gold foil would also work.  And we can’t possibly forget to mention that this invitation is printed on smooth Black Plike card stock that feels like no other paper out there.

The invitation you select for your Bar Mitzvah will be the first impression your guests will get about the type of affair you’ll be hosting. We think you’ll make a lasting impression with a one any one of these attractive
Black Bar Mitzvah invitations.

Bat and Bar Mitzvah Projects – Part 2

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In last week’s Mitzvah Monday blog, we covered the meaning of tikkun olam and how it relates to choosing one’s Bar Mitzvah project. This week, we’ll give you several ideas for selecting a meaningful project to complete.

Keep it local. Contact your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen to see what their specific needs are. They may be in need of volunteers to serve meals or may be low on supplies. Round up your family and some friends and chip in where needed. Make it a weekly habit to spend an hour or two of your time to help those in need.

Coordinate a food drive in your community. Food pantries can use food all year-round, not just during the holiday season.

Care for those in Israel. We at make it easy to contribute to the Jewish National Fund. With the purchase of designated Jewish National Fund Bar Mitzvah Invitations you can donate $5 per invitation that will go towards a specific cause in Israel. Depending on the invitation you select, you’ll be helping plant a tree, provide water resources, or help with community development.

American Cancer Society. Participate in your community’s Relay for Life event by organizing a team and raising funds to fight cancer in your area.

-A-thon it! Organize a dance-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, walk-a-thon, or anything else you can think of to raise funds. Select a worthy charity as the recipient and have fun doing something you love while helping others!

Still stumped? Go to Areyvut for hundreds of great ideas and links to organizations that would love to be a part of your project.

Mitzvah projects are a great way to augment the meaning and importance of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. A superior project combines the commandment of tikkun olam with your specific talents and interests. You’ll find that selecting just the right project will make your Mitzvah a meaningful and rewarding event in your life.

Considerations for Bat / Bar Mitzvah Projects

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As Jewish pre-teens approach their all-important Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration, they begin to reflect on the importance of social action and their participation in such programs. Mitzvah, after all, means “commandment” in Hebrew and many synagogues are requiring candidates to select Bar Mitzvah projects that will utilize their time and talents in order to make the world a better place.

How does one go about selecting a project? First, let’s consider the meaning of tikkun olam (repair of the world through human actions) and how it relates to our approaching simcha (joyous event). The concept of tikkun olam involves several factors including: volunteerism, helping the needy, and acts of kindness.

Jewish Images

Jewish Images

Now that you’ve thought about the meaning of tikkun olam and the commandments, you should ask yourself these questions:

1.  What are my talents?
2.  What do I enjoy doing?
3.  What is going on in the world that upsets me?
4.  Whom do I know that can assist me?
5.  Why should I do this?

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, write down the answers on a note pad. Brainstorm with your parents and family. Do you see any trends that can steer you toward a meaningful project?

Above all, you may find it beneficial to keep this passage in mind: “One should use one’s face, hands, and feet to honor one’s Creator” (Tosefta Brachot 4:1).

In next week’s Mitzvah Monday blog, we’ll look at several ideas that may inspire you in your quest for a project that will be as helpful to others as it is rewarding to you.

Meanwhile, be sure to visit our Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitation site for an outstanding collection of affordable invitations.