Understated Bar Mitzvah Invitations Part 2

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Here at Invitations4Less, we love color and we believe it can be the most powerful ways to add personality and style to your Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration. Our last post explored our most dynamic color collections. This post will dive into our best understated Bar Mitzvah invitations that belong to the black, gray, brown, gold, and silver families.

Blacks and Greys
The Debonair Bar Mitzvah Invitation is just that — debonair to the tee. Bright white linen layered over brushed gold and smooth black card stock creates an effortless style that’s sure to impress. If your Bar Mitzvah is looking for simple and stunning rolled into one invitation, this is the perfect choice.

The Milestone Bar Mitzvah Invitation features matte grey card stock layered over bright white linen and stunning luxe black card stock. Split-level wording is broken up with an artful display of the first name(s) of your Bar Mitzvah. As this example shows, this invitation can easily be customized into a B’nai Mitzvah invitation as well.

Want more black and grey goodness? Shop our entire collection of black and gray Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations!

Beautiful, Beautiful Browns
Brilliant and classic, the Nathan Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitation is an easy favorite. The majestic Tree of Life image against rich brown card stock is accentuated by the brilliant gold text and simple design.

This complex contemporary Paragon Bar Mitzvah Invitation features rich bronze card stock frosted with golden accents. Hugging the invitation is a golden lustre band featuring a repeating star pattern complete with your Bar Mitzvah’s initials as a focal point. The inside is customizable, featuring a full page photo of the guest of honor along with a page for wording.

Shop more beautiful browns in our collection of brown Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations.

Glimmer, Glam, and Gold
If glitz and the glam are two of your Bar Mitzvah’s favorite words, look no further than the Hollywood Glamour Bar Mitzvah Invitation. This invitation was made with a star in mind. A diamond-shaped white linen card stock layered over another diamond of gold with a black backdrop leaves readers starstruck.

The Stars of David Pocket Bar Mitzvah Invitation features gold foil designs that creates a shimmering display. Overlapping Stars of David complement the elegant text inside the foil square. The decorative and functional pocket gives this invitation an edge over the rest.

For more invitations that glimmer in gold, shop our entire collection of gold Bar Mitzvah Invitations.

Showcased in Silver
The Unity Bar Mitzvah Invitation blends classic style with contemporary notes. The onyx frost combines with white foil stamping over white and silver to create a truly striking finish. Unique font for the Bar Mitzvah’s vertically-headlined name takes this invitation from standard to standout.

The Pulsar Bar Mitzvah Invitation features full-on shimmer with a luxe silver card stock. A majestic Star of David featuring the Bar Mitzvah’s initials adds just enough detail to make this invitation shine bright. Browse the rest of our silver Bat and Bar Mitzvah Invitations.

Browse our Entire Collection
And there’s more to see! We are always adding new styles and designs to our Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitation collection — browse our extensive collection of affordable and stylish Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations today!

Colorful Bar Mitzvah Invitations Part 1

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Here at Invitations4Less, we love color and we believe it can be the most powerful way to add personality and style to your Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration. Read on for a sneak peek into our dynamic colorful Bar Mitzvah Invitations.

If you love all things indigo, our collection of blue bar and bat mitzvah invitations will make you swoon. One example, the Modern Star Layered Bar Mitzvah Invitation, couples beautiful navy blue with silver micro-glitter foil to create a lasting impression.

The Lustrous Blue Bar Mitzvah Invitation features varying hues of the blue family, including deep navy and a brighter oceanic blue. Simple yet stunning geometric designs coupled with striking black text give this invitation simple, yet stunning, style.

Like what you see? Shop the rest of our blue, navy, and turquoise Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations here!

Greenin’ With Envy
If you want your guests to absolutely love your invitation, take a look through our collection of green Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations. We have invitations in all shades of green, in all shapes, sizes, and styles…and all of them are fantastic! The Modern Mitzvah Bar Mitzvah Invitation features a sleek modern design with handsome typography and sharp lines. This invitation is a simple way to make a strong statement.

The Be Bold Celestial in Emerald Layered Bar Mitzvah invitation lets your style shine right on through. The watercolors at the bottom elevates this invitation from neat to WOW!

Be Bold Celestial Emerald Layered Bar Mitzvah Invitation Icon

Be Bold Celestial Emerald Layered Bar Mitzvah Invitation

A Royal Affair
A favorite of royals everywhere, purple is famous for its beauty and strength. A purple Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation takes those two qualities and rolls them into one elegant card.

The Tree of Life in Purple Bar Mitzvah Invitation combines traditional symbolism with stylish laser die-cutting. The printed purple card will display your wording details to create an invitation worthy of being titled regal.

Royalty never claimed to love loneliness! The Tallit and Star Bar Mitzvah Invitation takes purple and elevates it to new heights with the addition of elegant blues with traditional symbolism.

Tallit and Star Layered Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Tallit and Star Layered Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Big and Bold in Red
Big, bold, and beautiful — our excellent collection of red Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations impresses all. The Keep Calm Bar Mitzvah Invitation takes red to the next level so you can keep calm and trust your invitation to do its job with style.

The Sailcloth Bar Mitzvah Invitation features a majestic Star of David highlighted by beautiful moonrock-gray and grenadine-red surroundings. Tradition never looked so good.

More Colors in Our Rainbow
Stay tuned to the blog for part 2 of this blog series, which will feature more neutral and earthy colors.

In the meantime, browse our extensive collection of Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations, all of which are affordable and extremely stylish.

Bar Mitzvah Invitation Style in 2016

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2016 is in full swing, and with it has come some stylish new trends for Bar Mitzvah celebrations. Although it’s important that your party is on trend, the first step to pulling off a stylish success is your invitation! Read on to learn more about our newest and most trendy Bar Mitzvah invitation style!

For The Modern Mitzvah
The Modern Mitzvah Bar Mitzvah Invitation II uses color block and striking tones to leave a strong and lasting impression. The combination of Bermuda blue neon and smooth black plike card stock creates an impressive invitation for even the most trendy Bar Mitzvah.

A Handsome Choice
If you want your invitation to give guests a sneak peek of your upcoming Bar Mitzvah celebration, look no further than the Joel Matthew Bar Mitzvah invitation. This invitation features a texture-like background on the left with a handsome Star of David on metallic shimmer card stock. The combination of style and elegance creates an invitation that truly wows!

The Sporty Choice
If your Bar Mitzvah spends most of his time sweating it out playing the sport he loves, a sporty invitation is a great choice. The Layered Sports Bar Mitzvah Invitation gives you a tasteful way of celebrating your athlete’s many accomplishments. The unique shape, choice of sport motif, and decorative envelope make this invitation a slam dunk (or hole in one, buzzer beater, grand slam, touchdown….you get where this is going!).

A Regal Proclamation
Create a stately announcement when you choose the Poster Proclamation Bar Mitzvah Invitation. Vintage typography and a classic poster layout create an impressive display. Your choice of backer color allows you to make this invitation uniquely yours.

Create a Sensation of Stripes
Beautiful aqua stripes and elegant white shimmer paper makes this Regal Stripes Bar Mitzvah Invitation truly shine. This is a great choice for cool colored themes and Bar Mitzvahs who are full of personality, or those who simply loved the blues!

Create Your Own Suite 55A Bar Mitzvah Invitation
If modern sounds appealing but tradition is just as important to you, consider the Create Your Own Suite 55A Bar Mitzvah Invitation. This invitation artfully unites modern and tradition in one card with an abstract Star of David design and handsome finishing touches.

More Trendy and Affordable Bar Mitzvah Invitations
And that’s only a tiny sample from our extensive collection of modern, stylish, and affordable Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations! Browse our entire collection today!


Beauty Lies in the Details: Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Style

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Start things off right by sending guests a stunning printed invitation by mail. In a world dominated with electronic communication, there’s just something about old fashioned quality mail that will make guests excited for your event. We have an extensive collection of affordable, stylish, and customizable Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations — and they are affordable to boot! What more could you ask for?  This blog about Mitzvah party style will get you excited to start planning!

Another simple yet effective way to wow your guests is to book a stellar venue that allows your party to go off without a hitch. The timeline all depends on where you live, but the early bird rarely misses the worm. Reserve your spot early and rent or purchase any decorations well in advance of your celebration.

Woodfield Catering

Woodfield Catering

It’s all in the lighting! Bright overhead fluorescent lights should be kept to a minimum and flattering colored and/or muted lights let out into the spotlight. When things look good, everyone will feel good and a good time will be had by all. It’s amazing what a little light can do!

Event Painter

Event Painter

Food and drinks should never be glazed over. Offer some traditional foods along with some fun and surprising delicacies. Take your time to create a menu that will truly delight your guests. That extra element of wonder will speak volumes. Also think about drinks. A signature decorative drink can be a great way to quite literally carry your theme through the party. Also consider the season — fruity refreshing drinks for the warm months, hot and comforting drinks for the cold. Even consider using drinks as a place card holder.

Drink Place Cards

Drink Place Cards

Last but not least, offer favors for your guests! Everyone loves to leave a celebration with a little something of their own. Small tokens go a long way — a nice note along with some sort of snack will surely please guests.

Mitzvah Finishing Touches

Mitzvah Finishing Touches

Most importantly, tending to the small details allows everyone to have a wonderful time. After all, that is the goal!

Planning for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?
Please browse our huge selection of budget-friendly Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations and if you need any assistance, please let us know! We’d love to help you find the perfect card for your occasion.

Color it Yours: Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Style

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Infusing color in as many ways as possible is one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to make your celebration truly shine. Read on for more specific ways to color your Bar or Bat Mitzvah party your way.

Decorative Delicacies
Although this is nothing new, matching your desserts or main course to your color scheme can be a simple yet elegant way to spice up your theme. You can get crazy with a buffet full of options and multiple colors or just stick with cake or cupcakes featuring one color of frosting.

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

Table Settings
Don’t make this one harder than it has to be. Choose your main color or an accent — either one provides just the right pop of color. This can work for any budget — formal linens work wonderfully, but so do paper napkins and plastic tablecloths. It all depends on the style, theme, and budget of your party.

Table Setting

Table Setting

Masque it Up
This one will vary depending on your theme, but you can incorporate some type of accessory into just about any theme if you give it some creative thought. One obvious example would be a masquerade theme…the perfect way to help each of your guests fit right in.

Masquerade Theme

Masquerade Theme

Centerpieces – Let it Glow!
Theme-colored centerpieces are great. Try adding a bit of extra flair by coloring your centerpieces with LED lights according to your theme. You can go from “meh” to “wow” in a snap.

Glowing Centerpiece

Glowing Centerpiece

Paper Lanterns
Paper lanterns are popular for good reason — they are elegant and fun at the same time. The can fit almost any theme and they are so fun to repurpose! They can even double as inexpensive centerpieces…nifty!

Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

And the good old stand-by: balloons! Affordable, easy to find, and easily customizable…they are quite possibly the most versatile party decoration ever. Splurging on some unique varieties can also create a uniquely beautiful display.



Did you think I forgot about this aspect of the celebration? Of course not! Give your guests a taste of the fun to come with a themed invitation. We have a large collection of affordable Bat and Bar Mitzvah invitations for you to choose from. From traditional religious themes to contemporary styles, you’re sure to find the perfect invitation for your Bar Mitzvah here. If you need some help finding the perfect one, let us know! We’d love to help.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Entrances

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Many families often wonder if a “grand entrance” is the right choice for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Will she feel silly? Does he want all that attention? Is all the extra planning worth the effort?   Today we’ll discuss Mitzvah Entrances.

More often than not, it is worth it. Some will prefer a more subdued and simpler entrance, and others will ask for extravagance and flair. But there is one thing all will want — a memorable experience. And a grand Mitzvah entrance is the perfect way to ensure it is.

Below is a quick collection of ideas for all types of bar and bat mitzvah grand entrances — from over the top to understated.

For the Outgoing Start of the Party
Make your appearance count with a dynamite lip sync to a favorite song and add some enticing dance moves. If you’re worried about your party being too “safe”, this is a great choice.

Bat Mitzvah Entrance

Bat Mitzvah Entrance

If your bar or bat mitzvah is into the celebrity feel, line up your guests up in two columns and have them rush up to the Guest of Honor with flashing cameras, taking photos with vigor just like Paparazzi. Roll out a red carpet and have guests ask for autographs to take things a few steps further.

Red Carpet Entrance

Red Carpet Entrance

If your Guest of Honor is more into the sports feel, have the guests line up similarly and give the honoree high fives as he or she proceeds down the middle.

Another idea for sports fans is recruiting some players (or other members of the team) to escort the star into the party.

Royal Entrance

Royal Entrance

For the Reserved Royal
Looking for something more understated? Worry not. Try a casual song with a beautiful staircase entrance. You can make the entrance as extravagant as you please.

Elegant Entrance

Elegant Entrance

If your Bar or Bat Mitzvah has a particular love of skateboards, bicycles, etc., consider asking them to enter in their very element — showing off their most beloved hobby. Incorporating the hobby into decorations makes it even more special.

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New Bar Mitzvah Invitations

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A Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is a special time to celebrate with friends, family, and loved ones. But, in order to have a wonderful celebration, you must first send out invitations! If you’re looking for a modern take on a time-old tradition, look no further. Below is a quick roundup of just a few of our new  Bar Mitzvah invitations — all at affordable prices!

My Mitzvah Magazine Bat Mitzvah Invitation
If your Bat Mitzvah is all about the glitz and glam, this glossy Bat Mitzvah invitation is the perfect choice. This stylish invitation was designed to look just like a magazine cover. Personalize this invitation with your own colors and custom headlines — the perfect way to make your special lady truly shine!

Nathan Bar Mitzvah Invitation
Gold brilliance and a beautifully rustic tree of life printed in sable brown ink atop a rich chocolate brown card stock combines to make a handsome and traditional Bar Mitzvah invitation. This invitation is perfect choice for a trendy or a naturalistic feel.

Journey Bar Mitzvah Invitation
The Journey Bar Mitzvah invitation embodies simplicity at its finest. A proud display of your son’s name is die-cut on Brown Kraft card stock layered over Black Alligator and Black Felt card stocks — creating a handsome combination sure to impress.

Sensational Stripes Layered Invitation in Aqua
Regal blues and purples combine in the Sensational Stripes layered invitation to create a sensational announcement. Customize the backer color to create a unique invitation for a perfect fit.

Sensational Stripes in Aqua Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Sensational Stripes in Aqua Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Poster Proclamation – Layered Invitation – Marina
Proclaim the good news with this marina blue Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation. Vintage typography combines with your choice of backer color is sure to make a statement.

More Affordable and Stylish Invitations

And that’s only a sliver from our large collection of modern, stylish and new Bar Mitzvah invitations! Browse our entire collection today!

A Mitzvah Celebration for Everyone

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Should I bring a gift? Must I wear a yarmulke? Should I participate in prayer or song? What is the meaning behind such a celebration?  Today we’ll explore the meaning of a Mitzvah celebration.

While this momentous coming-of-age life event is well understood in the Jewish community, the Bar/Bat mitzvah celebration is much less widely known and understood amongst non-Jews. If your Bar mitzvah guest list includes non-Jewish invitees, preparing them with details and common expectations for this sacred event can greatly help reduce any apprehension or confusion they may be experiencing.

Tip One: Be Explicit
Begin with a brief explanation of the tradition and its significance in Jewish culture. It can be as simple as, “According to Jewish faith, a boy at the age of 13 and a girl at the age of 12, become responsible for their own actions — and the Bar/Bat mitzvah is a celebration of this major life event.” Also inform guests of attire expectations.

Tip Two: Etiquette Expectations
Next be sure to explain proper etiquette. Every synagogue differs in their specific expectations, so it’s best to ask your rabbi about the specific rules or policies that will apply to your event. For example, some places require all male visitors—including non-Jewish guests—to wear kippot as a sign of respect. Guests may also be surprised to know that they could be required to sit away from their significant other or family members.

Tip Three: To Participate or Not
Non-Jewish guests typically participate by attending, observing, and following the service. Non-ritual honors are sometimes afforded to close friends or relatives, but again this differs by synagogue. When in doubt, consult with your rabbi.

Tip Four: It’s a Party!
Let guests know that the after-service celebration is just that — a birthday celebration. Advise them to bring their dancing shoes and be ready to have a whole lot of fun.

Looking for A Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitation?
If you’re in search of the perfect invitation, browse our huge selection of budget-friendly Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations. If you need any assistance, please let us know! We’d love to help you find the perfect card for your celebration.

Can’t find one that fits just right? Our custom invitation designers can completely customize your invitation to show off your Bar or Bat’s individuality and style — all at a reasonable price that will fit your budget.

Party like it’s 1990 with Checkerboard Invitations

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back to the good old days when phones were attached to the wall, a tweet was merely the chirp of a bird, and a dollar could buy you at least five stamps? A new collection of Checkerboard invitations is easy as that.

Checkerboard, an invitation printing company known for its beautifully crafted papers and stunning designs, is allowing you to do just that — at least your wallet, anyways. In honor of their 25th anniversary, they have released ten new stunningly beautiful Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations and rolled back their prices to their 1990 roots. You read that right — ten brand spanking new designs for a ridiculously affordable price. Now that’s beautiful.

Discount Bat Mitzvah Invitations
An elegant design and bold color choices combine beautifully in the Lei Foils Bat Mitzvah invitation. Floral notes with shimmering golden accents communicate femininity along with a touch of grace.

Ribbons of diversity combine with striking designs in the Sparkling Stripes invitation to create a display of geometric excellence. Contrasting highlights of color will ensure your Bat Mitzvah truly shines.

If your Bat Mitzvah emits more of a subdued elegance, the Sunset Wash is just what you need. Muted tones and soft brushstrokes create a subtle glow that showcases all who grace its surface.

The Gilda invitation uses solids, shimmer, and sleek fonts to create a simply gorgeous invite that takes a modern approach to a traditional style.

The Bright Stripes invitation creates vibrant depth with strong bands of color across the spectrum — aligning perfectly with bold and full-of-life personalities.

Discount Bar Mitzvah Invitations
Checkerboard didn’t forget about the Bar Mitzvahs!

The Bold Stars invitation makes any Bar Mitzvah feel like the star of the show. Solid colors and simple star designs make this invite truly wonderful.

The Tekhelet Waves invitation channels the inner solace. A range of blues with coarse borders creates a canvas of natural beauty.

The Patterned Maze uses geometrical patterns to create an eye-catching invitation that showcases your Bar Mitzvah in style.

Next up to bat is the On Deck invitation. Ball players will love the classy theme that tastefully shows off your Bar Mitzvah’s talents.

On Deck Bar Mitzvah Invitation

On Deck Bar Mitzvah Invitation

And, last but not least, the Prismatic invitation offers a sleek and earthy feel that caters to Bar Mitzvahs of all shapes and sizes. A muted yet powerful color palette is universally adored.

These Checkerboard invitations are so great — we are sure you will love them!

More Designs
Don’t see the perfect invitation? Invitations4Less has an extensive collection of affordable Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations that fit any style. If you’d like some assistance, please let us know. We’d love to help you find the perfect invitation.

The Great RSVP Debate: A Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guide | RSVP Cards

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If you’re planning for a Bar or Bat mitzvah, you’ve likely put a bit of thought into invitations. Should I keep it simple or give it some frill and flair? Should I design it myself or leave it to the experts? Are RSVP cards really necessary?

The questions and ensuing uncertainty can be maddening. We’d like to help you find some answers. In this post, we will explore the necessity behind the ever-controversial RSVP card.

Why Send an RSVP Card?

It has become more and more common to put RSVP information on the main Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation. When the invitation is created this way, guests are usually asked to send their RSVP via email or through a related technology. Various apps, websites, email, and other technological resources allow families to create online RSVP management options that can save hosts time and effort.

Although these technological approaches may seem like the most convenient option when ordering or designing invitations, they are actually a big “no-no” according to proper invitation etiquette.

First and foremost, including a separate paper RSVP card along with an invitation allows all of your guests to formally respond to your event. Not all guests will have access to the Internet — especially older guests. Even if all of your guests have Internet access, some of them may not be tech-savvy enough to feel comfortable with a virtual RSVP. This can not only alienate some of your guests, it could even prevent them from attending altogether.

Second, it’s in your child’s best interest to include an RSVP card. Because RSVP cards come with everything guests needs to respond, they are much more likely to actually attend or send a gift if they cannot make the event.

Think of it this way: you could buy 75 RSVP cards with your invitations for less than a dollar each. This would represent 75 possible guests for less than 75 additional dollars. If you can get ten more guests to attend by sending the convenience of an RSVP card along with a stamped and addressed envelope, your child could receive an additional $360+ in gifts, assuming a modest $36 gift from each guest that is unable to attend.

Because they increase the likelihood of guests responding, RSVP cards also allow you to know how many guests to prepare for, which affects seating arrangements, food preparation, the number of favors needed, etc.

Including an RSVP card also allows you to prepare personalized table place cards. This extra note of personalization makes guests feel valued and leads to a more enjoyable experience for all. Also consider including a short, informal note to make guests feel extra special.

Order Your RSVP Cards Today

The reasons listed above are only a few of the many reasons why you should include an RSVP card with your invitation. To find the right card for your occasion, browse our large collection of Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitation cards and accessories. If you’d like some personal assistance, let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect invitation!